NEW WORK: Stagecoach Robbers

This is a stage coach robbery that takes place in the antebellum South. Oil on canvas. 18"X24" by Adam Maxwell Townsend.
This is a stage coach robbery that takes place in the antebellum South. Oil on canvas. 18″X24″ by Adam Maxwell Townsend.

I came up with this narrative painting of a stagecoach robbery earlier this summer and finally had time to execute it over the last three weeks.

I’ll be displaying this for sale at my space in Five O’Clock Wine Bar in Long Beach starting September 19.

The robbery is taking place in the Antebellum American South. The robbers are an underground coalition of abolitionist terrorists.
They have received intelligence through their slave network that a family is going to be cut in two when the owner sells off the women and children to the plantation owner nearly a full day’s ride away in the neighboring state.

It turns out that this transaction was slated to take place at a cotillion hosted in the manor of the new owners. In addition, thanks to the detailed intelligence from the house slaves, the raiders know the seller will be leaving the estate late at night, likely drunk, with a chest full of bank notes and gold.

The robbers can’t stop the sale, but they can seize the cash to fund their operations.

I’m a sucker for painting action scenes and fire-lit night scenes; I like the way the orange and yellow vibrate against the blue and purple. It’s more dramatic.

I’m working on some commissions going forward, some of which are gifts, so I will not be publicizing them on this site ahead of time.

New permanent installation spot at Five O’Clock Wine Bar

As of August, I have a permanent space to display my work at the Five O’Clock Wine Bar in the Alamitos Bay Marina in Long Beach.

This means a great deal to me; the work I have up there is for sale, and I’ll be able to rotate in new work indefinitely.

Plus, the staff there are super knowlegeable about their vast selection of wines, and their light fare is delicious.

Stop by if your in the area, try some wine and enjoy the art!