Two Paintings Mounted…

Two paintings by Adam Maxwell Townsend
Two paintings by Adam Maxwell Townsend; each 4’X’4 acrylic on plywood.

A client of mine recently mounted two of my 4’X4′ paintings on the wall of his home.

The one on the left is a portrait of the painting owner as a WWII soldier about to ambush a Nazi fortress from above as the German soldiers below drink and play cards. (The owner is a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorius Basterds.”)

The one on the right I was actually going to destroy because I found it depressing. It depicts a bunch of notorious criminals and killers from throughout history, flanked by animated skeletons recognizing each other as if they were old friends. In the bottom corners are portraits from the crowd a famous lynch mob photograph.

I feel like I said what I wanted to say with that painting, but then it started to depress me. The more I thought about it, the more the depiction of these scumbags seemed like glorification, though I didn’t mean it as such.

Before I burned it, though, someone expressed interest and ask if they could have it, so I relented.

Either way, I think they both look cool together, and I haven’t previously posted photos of either of these works.