Latest Commissioned Portrait in Oil

Portrait of Kyle "K-Money" Grove. 12X15 oil on canvas. By Adam Maxwell Townsend
Portrait of Kyle “K-Money” Grove. 12X15 oil on canvas. By Adam Maxwell Townsend

I’m finally able to post an image of this portrait of Kyle “K-Money” Grove. He was married in December of 2015 in Seattle to Julie Balazs, who commissioned the portriat as a wedding gift.

I made a sketch from the photograph shown, as well as other reference photographs, to start on the piece. I was pleased at how the initial sketch turned out, so I transferred it to the canvas rather than creating a new under-drawing.

To do this, I first Xeroxed the sketch so I wouldn’t have to ruin the original. Then, I coated the back of the copied sketch with a thick layer of vine charcoal. I used masking tape to fix the page to the front of the canvas, and then traced the lines of the sketch firmly with a ballpoint pen.

An exact duplicate of the original sketch was outlined in charcoal on the front of the canvas. That’s when I added in the hands and started putting down the first layers of oil paint.

He holds an abacus in reference to his current profession in statistical analysis — the abacus itself is set to the first 12 digits of Pi (3.14…) which is tattooed on his arm in real life. He also has an advanced degree in linguistics, hence the grammar book on which he rests his right hand.

The gift went over great! Congrats, Kyle and Julie!

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