This is a photo of Adam Maxwell Townsend on black-and-white film created by photographer Michael W. Minor.

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Adam Maxwell Townsend is a painter, illustrator, writer and photographer. His art is informed by his 11 years as an investigative and breaking news journalist and illustrator at newspapers and web sites across the country.

Recently, he completed his first mystery novel, which draws from his experience as an investigative and beat reporter in Southern California. The novel is in the revision and development process.

His varied storytelling experience has led Townsend to create deeply detailed narrative paintings and illustrations, both on a large scale and for print publication. The interplay of color and light on the human form is what fascinates him most, and his subjects are often depicted in the throes of performing a complex skill or action, like playing music or fighting. Townsend’s sly sense of humor is evident in many of his works.

Townsend creates in a bold, illustrative style; each painting aims to create a storybook or chronicle without words, though he also plays with incorporating typography into his work.

Lately, the artist has also dabbled in sculpture.

Townsend is a competent musician focusing on jazz and R&B keyboard/piano, harmonica, trumpet and the mandolin. He speaks Spanish.

Townsend lives with his wife and daughter in San Clemente, California. He is currently busy with his art and design projects, polishing his novel and editing articles for a consumer medical information site with offices in town.

Portrait photo by Michael W. Minor

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