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Client testimonials from around the globe…

It’s always good to hear nice things about yourself. It’s even better for prospective clients to hear about the kind of quality product and work ethic you bring to the table.

That’s why I’ve collected some client testimonials below. If this post leaves you scrambling for the phone to hire me, my number is 740-632-3819, or contact me at

Priscilla Gonzalez, Orange County theatre director/producer:

Adam Townsend is by far the most talented graphic illustrator I have worked with in my experience working in various production companies in Orange County.  

I, along with production companies that are supported by Townsend’s work, receive nothing but the best developed marketing materials/artwork that we are proud to display/distribute.

As artists ourselves, we value bringing creativity and thought provoking messages to our audiences.  Adam plays an important role in providing a strong first impression to our audiences through the marketing materials he develops and creates for us.

Adam’s illustrations are full of creative ideas with aesthetically pleasing detail that will certainly make you look twice.  His attention to a director’s intention and objective is always interpreted clearly and focused when represented in his work.  His use of color, inspirational techniques and illustration style pave the way for a visual language that cannot be communicated through words.

Jen Blanchard, Author and Writing Coach, New York State:

Adam is my go-to cover designer. His illustrations make my books feel like works of art. I’m so proud that I get to share his talent with the world through my–and now my client’s–books.

Zara Quentin, YA Fantasy Author, Australia:

Adam designed the cover of my novel, Airwoman. He was a pleasure to work with, came up with a range of design ideas and worked with me to narrow it down and modify until we had exactly what I wanted. The end result is absolutely beautiful- I love it. I would certainly work with Adam again next time.

#LeroyJones Story Pitch

Recently, I finished my novel #LeroyJones: A Skip Maddox Mystery. I’m currently deep into the editing and revision process, but the book is in a form now I can start shopping around to agents and editors.

If you read my story pitch below and want to find out more, call me at 740-632-3819 or email to read the first 20 pages or receive a copy (print or digital) of the entire manuscript.

Here’s the pitch:

Unemployed sports writer and borderline alcoholic Skip Maddox is about as low as he can get. The LA Times laid him off, he separated from his wife and his landlord evicted him from his shabby West Covina apartment.

Things seem to be looking up, though, when second-tier sports news website hires Maddox to freelance at the fight of the century, starring the wealthy, flamboyant boxer and controversial civil rights activist Leroy “Panther” Jones.

But two days after the troubled Jones wins the fight, police find him brutally killed in front of his Beverly Hills mansion, a racial slur spray-painted across the front door. The murder is a media bombshell, and the online newsfeeds are dominated by “#LeroyJones” as millions of readers clamor for the full story.

StadiumCentral taps Maddox to cover the murder. He learns the FBI, led by combative East-Coast agent Tony Morone, snatched the investigation from local police control in a suspicious move. The same day, Maddox gets an anonymous tip: The murder isn’t the random hate crime the FBI has made it seem. When the hard-luck reporter questions Morone, the agent threatens StadiumCentral, getting Maddox fired.

Calling for help from his friend and former colleague, the esteemed ex-investigative journalist Harry Bloomquist, Maddox descends into an interstate conspiracy involving the mob, high-level corruption and gut-wrenching secrets lurking in Jones’s past.

From the opulent MGM Grand in Las Vegas to Beverly Hills; from the tough LA neighborhood of Watts to the industrial waterfront of Newark, NJ, Maddox and Bloomquist contend with a gang of mafia thugs, a recalcitrant criminal justice bureaucracy and an unscrupulous PI who’s not quite on their side.

The reporters are determined, but it’s not clear they’ll live to publish the truth.

New permanent installation spot at Five O’Clock Wine Bar

As of August, I have a permanent space to display my work at the Five O’Clock Wine Bar in the Alamitos Bay Marina in Long Beach.

This means a great deal to me; the work I have up there is for sale, and I’ll be able to rotate in new work indefinitely.

Plus, the staff there are super knowlegeable about their vast selection of wines, and their light fare is delicious.

Stop by if your in the area, try some wine and enjoy the art!

Townsend displays at 5 O’Clock Wine Bar in Long Beach

This painting by Adam Maxwell Townsend depicts a crowded jazz club with a full band and cabaret dancers.
This painting depicts a crowded jazz club with a full band and cabaret dancers.

Starting this Sunday, I’ll be displaying a selection of a half-dozen of my best works at the 5 O’Clock Wine Bar in Long Beach.

According to the wine bar’s website, you can “sip on your favorite California wine vintages on our café style patio” while “enjoying beautiful views of Naples Island and Alamitos Bay…”

The bar also boasts live music Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as tapas plates and craft beers.

On display July 12 -19 will be newly framed “Jazz Painting #5,” prints of “Pirate Story,”  “Pursuits of Man” 1 and 2, “Chefs,” and my alabaster sculpture “Foo Dog.”

Bar patrons can contact me for purchase information or commission quotes. I’ll be there most of the afternoon on Sunday.

Hope to see you there!

San Clemente Jr. Women to Auction Townsend Original

16"X20" Acrylic on Illustration board. By Adam Maxwell Townsend.
16″X20″ Acrylic on Illustration board. By Adam Maxwell Townsend.

I’ve donated a painting “Jazz #4” to the San Clemente Junior Woman’s Club to help them raise money for an art scholarship at their March Fire and Ice charity gala event.

(Buy tickets here.)

The money raised will go to help pay for art scholarships for kids at San Clemente High School.

The event is at Bella Collina Towne & Golf Club, San Clemente, 200 Avenida La Pata, San Clemente, California 92673, from 5:30 to 10:30 p.m. Saturday, March 21.

If you come, you’ll see me there — I’ve been recruited to snap photos pro-bono for the club’s website and archives.

Get ready for some Chocolate and Art

I just confirmed yesterday I’ll have three pieces on display for the Chocolate and Art show at KGB Studios in downtown Los Angeles Feb. 27 and 28 .

Featured at the show, organized by the Chocolate and Art underground artist network, will be tons of artists, performance art, live music, body painting and free chocolate fondue. Tickets are $10 at the door.

The KGB Studios gallery is at 1640 Spring Street in Los Angeles. Check out the video to get an idea about what the show will be like (there are some topless body painting models, so the video is NSFW.)

Austin, TX RAW Show Set for March 5

Flyer for RAW Artists Grandeur show is Austin, TX
Flyer for RAW Artists Grandeur show is Austin, TX March 5, 2015

March 5 I’ll be setting up my art in Austin, Texas in The Belmont for RAW Natural Born Artists Grandeur show. We’ll be staying in town four or five days, but the March 5 date is official as of today!

Keep an eye on’s Recent Projects page for more details to come.

Want to buy tickets? Click here!

Merchandise is in for the Holiday RAWk Show…

Just picked up my first 10 of my 250-print run of “Pirate Story” from Gary Zuercher of Chroma Concepts in San Clemente. He always does a great job! You can pick up one of these prints at the Holiday RAWk show Dec. 14 at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa (don’t forget to buy your tickets here for $15).

Also, my art cards featuring “Day” and “Night” came in the mail — handy for all sorts of occasions and available for only $5.

Can’t make it to the show to purchase a signed-and-numbered, limited-edition print? I’ll be printing to order up to the 250 limit. Just email me at

In the future, looked for signed, limited-edition prints of “Pursuits of Man” numbers 1 and 2 with hand-applied metallic gold. (Single, small signed print proofs of these pieces will be available for $100 a piece or $150 for both. A signed print proof of “Pirate Story” will be available for $60″).

For sale at the Holiday RAWk 2014 show…

Some of Adam Maxwell Townsend's paintings, pastels and prints for sale at the 2014 Holidsay RAWk show.
Some of Adam Maxwell Townsend’s paintings, pastels and prints for sale at the 2014 Holidsay RAWk show.

I’m getting all my materials prepared for the Holiday RAWk 2014 art show in Costa Mesa Dec. 14; a great chance to clear out my inventory in preparation for making more intricate and exciting paintings and illustrations.

I’m going to have 600 square feet of wall space, and I’m going to use every last bit to display my artwork and hopefully sell some; it’s been stacking up in my garage and it’s itching to be out in the world.

Most exciting to me are the 10 prints of my painting “Pirate Story” I’ll have for sale. This is one of my most popular works (the original is already sold) and it has been featured in FIND art magazine and gallery. The prints are all full-sized 15”X20” with an additional border, signed and numbered. These are the first 10 of a limited run of 250, and one of them can be yours for $125.

Also available at the show are some 5”x7” greeting/notecards I had printed up featuring my “Day” and “Night” nature illustrations featuring West Coast wildlife. For only $5 a piece, these are great as original Christmas cards, or just to have handy for birthdays or thank-you notes.

I’ve also raided my stash of original pastel nudes, five of which I’ll have on sale with prices ranging from $75 to $125.

My original work will be a little pricier; I spent dozens of hours on each painting and illustration and, well, you’re gonna pay for quality.  For example, “Jazz #5” and “Harem Painting” I’ll be selling for $2,500 and $2,000, respectively.

The “Pursuits of Man” pair are on sale for $1,000 each, or $1,800 for both (they kind of go together — shouldn’t be seperated.)

Remember, don’t forget to visit my profile on the RAW art collective website and purchase your ticket for $15 – buy it here.

See all the other artists, photographers, musicians and fashion designers I’ll be showing with here.

Townsend Featured in RAW Art Collective Dec. Show

Holiday RAWk  2014 featuring artist Adam Maxwell Townsend in a massive event at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa, 6-10 pm Dec. 14
Holiday RAWk 2014 featuring artist Adam Maxwell Townsend in a massive event at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa, 6-10 pm Dec. 14

I have recently joined the global creative collective RAW: Natural Born Artists, which holds bi-monthly shows featuring visual artists and photographers, musicians and performance artists, filmmakers and fashion designers in cities around the U.S. and world.

I’ll have gallery space at the Orange County Holiday RAWk 2014 at Costa Mesa’s Shark Club Dec. 14.

(Purchase tickets for $15 on my RAW profile page here.)

According the RAW website:

RAW:natural born artists is an independent arts organization, for artists, by artists. We’re an international community made up of creative individuals across the globe.
Our mission is to provide independent artists within the first 10 years of their career with the tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity.
We welcome all genres of art including independent film, fashion, music, visual art, performing art, hairstylists, makeup artists and more.
We encourage the creative success of the many visionaries and storytellers of our generation.
RAW currently operates in nearly 60 cities across the United States, Australia, Canada and, now London!

Hope to see everyone there!