Sculpture in porcelain clay by Adam Maxwell Townsend, 2018. Approx one cubic foot.

Figure Sculpture Workshop…

This March, I attended a figure sculpting workshop with sculptor Jim Lee hosted by Urban Arts OC, a studio in Newport Beach.

A couple years ago, I took a portrait sculpting workshop with Jim and found him to be a great instructor.

During this workshop, we had a model pose for us throughout the day as Jim guided us through measuring with calipers to keep our sculpture in scale, pointed out and described the anatomical reference points and structures, and helped us avoid the pitfalls of the porcelain clay medium.

I’m pleased with how my work turned out, and it should be ready to fire in May.

Once the work is fired, assuming it doesn’t crack in half, I plan to paint it as a polychrome work in naturalistic colors, preserving and slightly altering the model’s tattoos to add some conceptual layers and subtle social commentary to the work.

I’ll post another photo when I’m finished.